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Heckenberg Lawyers is a Sydney law firm that specialises in:

  • Estate Planning and Wills
  • Will Disputes
  • Probate

We have specialised in this area of law for more than 25 years! Other law firms have introduced law services related to wills, estate planning, wills disputes and probate, however, few actually specialise in all areas of this law practice.

If you have experienced or are experiencing any of the following situations, then Get In Touch with our lawyers and arrange an obligation free consultation where we will assess your circumstances and advise you on the most appropriate solutions:

  • I don't have a will and I want to protect my assets by making sure they are fairly distributed when I die.
  • I have a will and I would like to discuss an estate plan to make sure the value of my assets are protected.
  • I have found out that I am an Executor to a will. I'm not sure what to do.
  • I am an executor to a will and someone is disputing the will. I need specialist help.
  • Someone close to me has passed away and I have been left out of a will. What can I do?

Heckenberg Lawyers is a team of experienced and competent lawyers who all specialise in Wills, Estate Planning, Will Disputes and Probate. When you become a client you're accessing the combined resources of all our lawyers without the cost of a big city law firm. You deal with a senior lawyer each time you speak with us about your matter. Our approach to your matter allows us to collaborate and determine the most effective strategy.

Our objective is to resolve each matter by mediation and negotiation so that it doesn't need to reach court and incur stress to you and expensive legal costs in the process.

For clients who live on the North Shore and Northern Beaches we also have an office in Mona Vale. Visit our website www.NorthernBeachesLawyers.com.au for those contact details.

Our commitment to you is that we will:

  • Listen to you.
  • Advise and explain the relevant law.
  • Keep you informed of significant issues in your case.
  • Provide you with cost-effective, practical advice in plain English.
  • Act in your best interests at all times and keep your affairs strictly confidential.
  • We will not over-charge you, or waste your time or money.

Specialist Lawyers for Wills & Estates, Probate and Will Disputes

Whatever your situation, you can rely on Heckenberg Lawyers to provide you with reliable and objective advice on your matter.


This will help you keep legal costs to a minimum while achieving the best possible outcome in your situation.


We have been independently rated as one of the three best wills and estate law firms in Sydney so, get in touch with us now to book an appointment with one of our experienced lawyers.

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Services we provide

Will Disputes

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Due to changes in the law Will Disputes are becoming more common. Typically, you are an executor or beneficiary defending a Will or an eligible person contesting a Will.

Whatever your circumstances, due to the complexity of the law in this area, it is advisable to seek expert legal advice. Heckenberg Lawyers specialise in Will Disputes.

Find out how we manage to keep legal costs to a minimum while achieving the best outcome for our clients.


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Learn what Probate is, when it's required, how long it takes and how the process works.

Seeking the assistance of a specialist Probate Lawyer will help you navigate the process more efficiently.

Probate fees are regulated and we only charge in accordance with the scaled fees for obtaining the Grant of Probate.

Estate Planning and Wills

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Many people look for the cheap option when it comes to making a will. They think their estate will be passed on according to their wishes as laid out in the Will.

The laws around Wills and Estates have changed and people are disputing Wills more frequently.

Obtaining the advice of an experienced Wills and Estate Planning lawyer will provide you the legal framework that ensures your estate is passed to your beneficiaries in the way you want. It will also help avoid potential disputes and can transfer wealth between generations in a financially efficient and tax effective way.