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  • Sydney’s Leading
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Welcome to Sydney Wills Lawyer – “No Win No Fee* ” Sydney’s Leading Experts for Wills & Estates

Have you been left out of a will or are your receiving less than your fair share? We see examples of this every day.  A common one is when the parents remarry and on the death of your parent, the bulk of their assets are left to the new spouse, with little or nothing left to you, the children from the first marriage.

Another common one is when there is one large asset forms the bulk of your parent’s assets, such as a farm, family business or property. In these cases often all of the business/farm/property is left to one child with little left to the other siblings. Unfortunately these situations are all too common especially with the increasing divorce rate contributing to increasing numbers  of  2nd and 3rd marriages. That is where we can help with your problem.

Sydney Wills Lawyers,  is a specialist Sydney law firm where we focus on estate planning everything to do with Wills. We have done so for 20 years! Be it contesting a will, or any manner of will disputes, handling a deceased estate or even preparing a Will or Testamentary Trust. Having been doing this for so long, there isn’t much we haven’t seen and been able to achieve a successful outcome for our clients. We have successfully acted for both people contesting a will or involved in will disputes and we have also acted for estates to help protect them from frivolous claims. As a result we know the system backwards, having seen it from both sides.

Our commitment to you is that we will:-

  • Listen to you
  • Advise and explain the relevant law
  • Keep you informed of significant issues in your case
  • Provide you with cost-effective, practical advice in plain English
  • Act in your best interests at all times and keep your affairs strictly confidential
  • We will not over-charge you, or waste your time or money

The principal of Heckenberg Lawyers, Graeme Heckenberg has more than 20 years expertise working as a specialist lawyer in contested wills and deceased estate litigation and has a respected reputation and is recognised as an expert in this specialised area of law. If you need to Challenge a Will in NSW he will give your problem his personal attention There is no palming you off to a junior lawyer! Your problem is important and you deserve to be dealing with the best person for the job.

Most of our cases achieve a successful result for you, the client, at mediation, thereby saving you time, the stress of going to court and of course expensive legal costs.

Why not contact us for a FREE no obligation 20 minute discussion and you can see if we are the right people to resolve your problem.

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