Trustee’s Personal Liability

Trustee’s Personal Liability For Negligence in NSW Are Estate Trustee’s open to personal liability for negligence, when handling an Estate? Trustee’s of deceased Estates are subject to numerous duties that they have a legal obligation to carry out including paying the debts of the Estate, gathering in the assets of the Estate and ensuring that the … Continue reading Trustee’s Personal Liability

Australians Challenging Wills!

Why are an increasing number of Australians Challenging Wills? This is a question that four of Australia’s universities found extremely interesting. So interesting that they researched it and released a research paper called “Having the Last Word – Will Making and Contestation in Australia.” The research undertaken found that adult children are the most common people … Continue reading Australians Challenging Wills!

Same Sex Marriage & Wills

Same Sex Marriage & Wills in NSW The effect marriage will have on your will  In early December 2017, the Australian Parliament passed legislation which amends the Marriage Act 1961 (Cth) allowing same sex couples to legally marry under Australian Law. Prior to this Act of Parliament, people who were in same-sex relationships did not … Continue reading Same Sex Marriage & Wills

Elder Abuse!

Increase in financial elder abuse in Australia Australia has an ageing population and people are living longer than ever before. As a consequence there are a growing number of cases involving elder abuse in Australia. Elder abuse may involve physical, emotional, social or financial abuse. In the area of wills and estates, financial elder abuse … Continue reading Elder Abuse!

The Importance Of Mediation

What is mediation and is it worth pursuing? Often in a case, your solicitor or the Court may recommend that you go to mediation. This is because a successful mediation usually results in a significant saving of legal costs, provides certainty of outcome and allows the parties to craft a settlement that is often more … Continue reading The Importance Of Mediation

Successfully Challenge A Will

Successfully Challenge A Will In NSW? To successfully challenge a  Will in NSW, will depend on the evidence that you can put before the Court, as to whether it will be a desired outcome! The stronger the evidence you can provide to the Court, the stronger your chances of success. This evidence should include evidence … Continue reading Successfully Challenge A Will