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Revoked Will and Nothing New!

Revoking a Will In NSW –  My father destroyed his first Will when he remarried. However, on his death, we are not able to find a new Will. Does the first Will remain valid? Whether your father’s first Will remains valid, will depend on whether his first Will has been revoked. Under the Succession Act … Continue reading Revoked Will and Nothing New!

Elder Abuse!

Increase in financial elder abuse in Australia Australia has an ageing population and people are living longer than ever before. As a consequence there are a growing number of cases involving elder abuse in Australia. Elder abuse may involve physical, emotional, social or financial abuse. In the area of wills and estates, financial elder abuse … Continue reading Elder Abuse!

Defending A Will

Defending a Will in NSW  I was in a same-sex de facto relationship. Unfortunately, my partner died and left the bulk of his Estate to me. His family did not recognise us as a couple and are now making a claim on his Will. How do I go about defending myself? Your partner’s family are making … Continue reading Defending A Will

The Importance Of Mediation

What is mediation and is it worth pursuing? Often in a case, your solicitor or the Court may recommend that you go to mediation. This is because a successful mediation usually results in a significant saving of legal costs, provides certainty of outcome and allows the parties to craft a settlement that is often more … Continue reading The Importance Of Mediation

Successfully Challenge A Will

What Evidence Is Needed to Successfully Challenge A Will In NSW? When you are challenging a Will, the evidence that you can put before the Court will decide whether your Will Challenge is successful. The stronger the evidence you can provide to the Court, the stronger your chances of success. This evidence should include evidence … Continue reading Successfully Challenge A Will