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Specialist Wills Lawyer

Specialist Wills Lawyer NSW Specialist Wills Lawyer Graeme Heckenberg and the team at Sydney Wills Lawyers can help with a whole range of different needs for Wills. Here we look at some of the most popular! Specialist Wills for Succession Planning? Do you need one? If you are in the process of having your Will … Continue reading Specialist Wills Lawyer

Can Sydney Wills Lawyers Help?

Can Sydney Wills Lawyers Help In NSW Can Sydney Wills Lawyers help and take on the case if a lawyer who administered the Estate acted negligently?  It is unfortunate but it can happen, a lawyer who is meant to be Administering a Deceased Estate acts negligently in fulfilling their duties. When this occurs the people … Continue reading Can Sydney Wills Lawyers Help?

Reasons For Contesting A Will

Reasons For Contesting A Will In NSW Reasons for Contesting a Will In NSW are numerous!  They can range from being left out of a Will, to believing that the deceased did not understand what they were doing when they made their Will, or needing the Court to clarify how the Will should be interpreted. … Continue reading Reasons For Contesting A Will