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Insolvent Estates NSW

Insolvent Estates in NSW What happens? Insolvent Estates in NSW is when the liabilities of the deceased Estate are greater than the assets of the Estate. When a person dies it is the duty of the Executor named in their Will (or appointed by the Court if the deceased did not leave a Will), to gather … Continue reading Insolvent Estates NSW

Post Death Estate Planning

Post Death Estate Planning In NSW Post Death Estate Planning, is not new! Most people have heard of Estate Planning – the process of setting up your assets in the best way for your beneficiaries to benefit after you are gone. This includes dealing with your assets such as real property, shares, personal effects as … Continue reading Post Death Estate Planning

Testamentary Freedom

Testamentary Freedom In NSW What is Testamentary Freedom and what are the constraints and limitations associated with Testamentary Freedom? Testamentary Freedom is the freedom afforded to a person to decide who they want their property to go to when they die. Historically, a person’s assets were distributed in accordance with what they set out in … Continue reading Testamentary Freedom

Trustee’s Personal Liability

Trustee’s Personal Liability For Negligence in NSW Are Estate Trustee’s open to personal liability for negligence, when handling an Estate? Trustee’s of deceased Estates are subject to numerous duties that they have a legal obligation to carry out including paying the debts of the Estate, gathering in the assets of the Estate and ensuring that the … Continue reading Trustee’s Personal Liability