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Estate Planning and Trusts in NSW

Estate Planning and Trusts in NSW needs the eye of a lawyer who is an expert in that area of law. At Sydney Wills we deal with clients complex and high net worth Estates – We can we help you!

At Sydney Wills we practice exclusively in the area of law referred to as Wills and Estate Planning. This places us in the unique position of being able to provide the most effective, up-to-date, practical and concise legal advice for our clients.

A number of the client’s we have assisted involved providing them with the legal expertise and support for complex and high net worth Estates. This includes everything from setting up Trusts to advising on how to effectively deal with potential Will challenges.

Setting up a Trust in your Will can help you and your beneficiaries in many ways, depending on your individual circumstances. These type of Trusts will only come into effect on your death and will not impact on you or your beneficiaries while you are alive.

Estate Planning & Trusts In NSW


If you have young children or vulnerable loved ones, such as a loved one suffering from a physical or mental disability, setting up a Trust for them in your Will is a good way to protect them and their inheritance. Under the Trust you appoint a Trustee who you believe will act in the best interests of your loved one. The Trustee will manage your loved one’s inheritance in accordance with your wishes which can include using that inheritance for their education expenses and living expenses.

Another benefit that can flow from setting up a Trust in your Will for your beneficiaries is to minimise any taxation concerns that may arise for your beneficiaries on inheriting a large sum of money or valuable real estate and other property.  This can ensure that your beneficiaries receive the full benefit of their inheritance.

When advising on Wills and Estate Planning at Sydney Will’s we always consider whether any of your beneficiaries will be negatively effected when receiving an inheritance under your Will. This includes considering whether the inheritance will impact on any pensions or other payment support they may receive. If any negative impacts are found we will work to minimise these impacts to ensure your beneficiaries receive the full benefit of your inheritance.

If you have a complex and high net worth estate it is worth the time to seek expert Wills and Estates advice on your Will and whether your Estate has been set up properly to maximise the benefits for your beneficiaries. At Sydney Wills can advise on any issues that may arise under your Will and how to best address these issues. This will include reviewing any potential Will challenges such as family provision claims which can impact on your Estate and leave your beneficiaries fighting for their inheritance in Court.

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