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Specialist Wills Lawyer Graeme Heckenberg and the team at Sydney Wills Lawyers can help with a whole range of different needs for Wills. Here we look at some of the most popular!

Specialist Wills for Succession Planning? Do you need one?

If you are in the process of having your Will drafted you might be wondering if there are Specialist types of Wills that would suit your circumstances and meet your needs by ensuring that your assets are passed on to your beneficiaries in way you desire.

Asset Protection Will

Asset Protection Wills are aimed at protecting the assets you pass on to your beneficiaries to ensure that your beneficiaries receive the benefit of these assets.

You may need an Asset Protection Will if you have children under the age of eighteen years old or a loved one who would not be capable of managing their inheritance without assistance such as a special needs relative.

Specialist Wills Lawyer

Next Generation Protection Will

You may need a Next Generation Protection Will if you want to ensure that your assets survive and increase in value for the benefit of your grandchildren and their children.

Next Generation Protection Wills can mean that you set up a Trust and appoint a Trustee to look after your assets for the benefit of the next generation.

Second Marriage Will

Second Marriage Wills are becoming more common as more people remarry later in life and both have children, and maybe grandchildren, from a previous marriage.

Generally, both parties in Second Marriages have concerns over how to ensure that their assets are passed on to their children. There are number of ways in which to ensure that this occurs which can be discussed and incorporated into a person’s Will.

Foreign Property Wills

If you own Foreign Property then you will need a Specialised Will to address how this asset is to be dealt with after you are gone. Foreign Property will be dealt with in accordance with the laws in the land the property is owned which is why it is extremely important to obtain expert advice on how your foreign property can be gifted to your beneficiaries.

Property Fragmentation Will

If you intend to leave parts of your property to different beneficiaries then you need to ensure that this is adequately addressed in your Will and that your intentions are able to be legally carried out.

Fragmentation of Property can include wanting to leave a property that you own jointly with another party to a different beneficiary. This will necessitate an application to terminate the joint tenancy so that the property can be held as tenants in common and your share passed onto the beneficiary of your choice, and not the other joint tenant.

Charitable Will

Leaving your assets or property to charities can bring its own specific issues that will need to be addressed in a Specialist Will.

One of the common issues with Charitable Wills is that they can be susceptible to Will Challenges if you also have relatives that believe they should have inherited under your Will or, if they do inherit under your Will, believe they should have inherited a larger share of your Estate.

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