Trust Fund for Child

Trust Fund for Child

I would like to put the proceeds of my house into a Trust fund for my daughter. I would like this to be paid as an annual sum of money with the balance going to her on my death. Is this something that Heckenberg Lawyers can help me with?

This is something that our expert Wills and Estates lawyers can help you with.

As well as drafting Wills and challenging Wills we have a strong and respected practice in Estate Planning. Estate Planning involves setting up your financial affairs while you are alive in a way that will best benefit your family and beneficiaries after you are gone. It is a challenging area of the law in that many factors come into play including:

  • Minimising taxation on your Estate
  • Minimising any taxation issues for your beneficiaries such as your daughter.
  • Protecting any pension or other entitlements you may be eligible to receive and which could be affected by gifts to family while you are alive.
  • Protecting the Estate from family provision claims.

The circumstances surrounding each of our client’s is unique and requires us to consider the best way in which to plan their Estate. It may be that setting up a Trust with your daughter to receive proceeds from the Trust while you are alive and the balance when you die is the best way in which to plan your Estate. However, without talking to you about your individual circumstances we will not know whether this really is the best way to plan your Estate.

This is why we strongly recommend that you make an obligation free appointment with one of our expert Wills and Estates lawyers. Any information provided by you at this appointment is confidential and treated with the utmost care.

We can advise you on the different types of trusts that could be set up for the benefit of your daughter as well as how to choose trustees for the Trust and how the balance of the monies would be released to your daughter on your death.

In the event you decide to set up a Trust then we will attend to drafting the Trust Deed, to ensure that it complies with all the necessary laws and will distribute the proceeds of sale, to your daughter in the way you want them to be distributed.

At Heckenberg Lawyers we don’t take our clients’ confidence for granted: we work hard to earn it by providing an efficient, cost effective service, which puts your interests first and doesn’t cut corners. We take pride in achieving repeat custom and winning clients by word of mouth recommendation.

If you need advice about a Will or an Estate matter please call 02 9221 2779 or email to arrange an initial consultation with principal lawyer Graeme Heckenberg at our centrally located Sydney offices.

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