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Power of Attorney

What is A Power Of Attorney

A Power of Attorney, is similar to that of a Will. It is a legal document whereby someone is appointed and has the authority to act on your behalf for property matters and financial agreements. The person you appoint as your Power of Attorney, cannot make decisions on your health or wellbeing, these are covered by a separate document, and the person appointed is known as Enduring Guardian.

It is important that you appoint someone you trust and who will act responsibly. This could be a family member or close friend, but it must be someone you know will act responsibly on your behalf.

Graeme Heckenberg is a specialist in his field of Wills and Estates and a consultation with Graeme, will ensure that you get the very best advice on how to prepare and appoint your Power of Attorney. It is a legal document and must be witnessed by lawyer.

A Power of Attorney will operate, until the appointee either cancels it; the attorney no longer wishes to act; or if the attorney or the appointee becomes bankrupt, or the person appointed looses their mental capacity to act for the appointee.

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