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Property & Conveyancing Lawyer

Buying and selling property or Conveyancing can be a stressful and complex time for those involved. For those inexperienced in the property market, the process is often daunting and mysterious and mistakes can be very costly.

Each transaction is unique, requiring proper understanding and attention to a variety of matters relating to the property to ensure that your transaction is secure.

The Conveyancing process is not limited to those buying and selling property on the property market. The implementation of various Family Law Agreements often requires the conveyance or transfer of title in particular property between spouses. Where the Court confirms a Will through a grant of probate, it may also be necessary to convey or transfer various property titles to relevant beneficiaries.

At Heckenberg Lawyers, we are experienced in all types of property transactions, regardless of the circumstances in which they arise or become necessary.

Buying Property

If you are buying a property, we will ensure that you properly understand the Contract for Sale that you are entering into, as well as all the rights and obligations associated with your acquisition.

Where necessary we will negotiate amendments to the Contract for Sale on your behalf and liaise with your financier to ensure that you and your money will be ready for settlement.

We will investigate and enquire into the title of the property you are purchasing. If any issues arise, we will deal with them efficiently and resolve them so that on settlement you receive proper and secure title to the property.

Selling Property

If you are selling property, we will prepare a Contract for Sale that effectively secures your rights as the vendor, whilst at the same time attracts the maximum amount of purchasers potentially interested in the property.

Where prospective purchasers arise, we will facilitate negotiating a contract to secure a purchase on conditions that are favourable for you.

Where your property is secured by way of registered first mortgage, we will ensure that all proper documentation is prepared and available, so that the settlement of your conveyance takes place as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Our Service

At Heckenberg Lawyers, we recognise that the conveyancing process is rarely a familiar process. Your interests are paramount, so regardless whether you are buying or selling, our professional service will provide cost effective and complete advice, in language that is easy to understand.

Therefore, if you require a quality service at a reasonable cost, do not hesitate to contact our property and conveyancing lawyer, Graeme Heckenberg on telephone 02 9221 2779 for an initial consultation.